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Competitive Program

The purpose of the Royal Palm Beach Strikers Travel Program is to provide a program that affords opportunities for maximum skill development and the challenge of playing at a higher level of competition.


Royal Palm Beach Strikers teams will be established to provide an opportunity for players who desire more advanced play and have an appropriate level of knowledge, skills, and abilities.


It is the aim of all Royal Palm Beach Strikers competitive teams to meet the developmental needs of a competitive player, taking into account a player’s physical, mental, and social growth and developmental needs as well as player/parent commitment.


The Royal Palm Beach Strikers will support the formation of at least one boy’s and girl’s teams at all age levels provided there is a qualified coach and the appropriate number of qualified players.


Each team will play in a league at the age division requested by the coach of each team and approved by the Director of Coaching or Board of Directors.

It is the individual player (and their parents) and coaches responsibility to do what is best for that players development under the guidance of the Director of Coaching.


Travel coaches must apply each season to coach a team. These applications are reviewed by the Director of Coaching. The Director of Coaching will make recommendations to the Board of Directors to be approved as the coach.  Anyone wishing to coach a team needs to be properly trained and licensed.

Players and parents must make a commitment to the team and to the club. A player’s commitment includes, attending practices, scrimmages, and all scheduled games. It will also include going to tournaments. Parents are expected to support their children in those endeavors.


Playing time for your child will be fair and as equal as possible through U12. U13 and older playing time shall be earned, and based on merit, commitment and attendance as determined by the competitive teams coaching staff.