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July 24, 2010

                                                      COACH MAL

The Florida Youth Soccer Association has selected Malik Hasan as the 2010 Coach of the Year.  The award is given annually to recognize the individual who has demonstrated exemplary efforts in the coaching of youth soccer players.  The ability to promote good sportsmanship and fair play, have a favorable basic attitude toward the game and players, offer quality instruction, and have made a positive contribution to coaching in FYSA.  The recipient's experience and success as both a player and a coach along with their excellence in the development of players are also criteria for this prestigious award.   

July 20, 2010
  Congratulations to Asia Leefatt and Jazmyn Dresson!!  Asia and Jazmyn were selected by our Board of Directors as the recipients of a scholarship to assist them with their involvement in the Olympic Development Program that they were chosen to participate in.